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Leaders in property, pest and pool inspections.

Southern Star Inspections offers a wide range of property, pest and pool inspection services.
Services include: vendor reports - pre-purchase building inspection report and pre-purchase timber pest report, termite inspection report, general pest inspection report and treatment, german cockroach gel treatment, rodent control, pool safety barrier inspection and report. 


Pest Treatments

  • Treatment and prevention of all common pests and infestations. 

  • We use naturally derived chemicals.

  • Our chemicals are safe around people and pets.

  • Treatments are guaranteed for 6 months.


  • Building inspections on new and existing properties.

  • Pest inspections and reporting.

  • Pool inspections and reporting.

  • Reports to Australian standards.

View Reports Online

  • Pre-purchase building reports and pre-purchase timber pest reports can be downloaded from our store for just $50 each.

  • Click the button below to go through to the store and search for the report you need.

Popular Services

The following prices are for a standard 3 bedroom single story house, unless otherwise stated. For different sized properties or for multiple properties please contact Josh for a quote.
Includes the treatment of cockroaches, spiders, carpet beetles and silverfish.
General Pest Service (House)
Combined Pre-Purchase Building & Timber Pest Report to Australian Standard 4349.
Building & Pest Report
Southern Star Inspections offers a wide range of property, pest and pool inspection  services across NSW and in Victoria.
Southern Star Inspections is run by Joshua Arentz, an industry veteran with over 15 years of hands-on experience. Josh has a wealth of knowledge about commercial and residential property inspections and reporting, pest treatments and prevention, and pool safety.

Expert knowledge, customer service, and a fastidious work ethic make Southern Star Inspections one of the most highly rated pest treatment and reporting services in Sydney.



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To make an enquiry please contact Josh via phone, email or Facebook, or fill in the contact form.

Call: 0435 345 269

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  1. Where are you located and what areas do you service?

    Southern Star Inspections is located in Sydney's Sutherland Shire and we service NSW and Victoria.

  2. Do you offer free quotation?

    Yes. Just call or send a message to organise a consultation and get a free quote.

  3. What is involved in a building inspection?

    Our building inspection reports document all major and minor defects
    and safety hazards at the property. You will receive advice regarding the type of tradesmen you need to contact to carry out repairs and address safety issues.
  4. What is involved in a pest treatment?

    There are three types of treatment:
    Physical: Physically sealing gaps and cracks. 
    Cultural: Removing the cause (e.g food being left out).
    Chemical: Applying pesticide via spray or gel bait.

  5. Are your pest treatments safe?

    Southern Star Inspections only uses safe pesticides and control methods. All treatments are environmentally friendly, and safe for people and pets.

  6. How long does a treatment take?

    It depends on many different factors. For the average sized home a standard treatment will take approximately one hour. Larger properties
    may take longer.

  7. Can I be present during a pest treatment?

    Yes. For a general pest treatment you can be present. The pesticides we use are safe around people and pets.

  8. How long is a pest treatment effective for?

    A pest treatment will be effective for up to 6 months and will begin to deteriorate from 6 to 12 months.

  9. Do you offer a service guarantee?

    Yes. We guarantee our pest treatments for 6 months.
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